Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Work

Pre-anaesthetic bloodwork can help us determine if there are any pre-existing illnesses. They test for parameters that are not easily picked up during a physical examination such as anaemia, dehydration, liver or kidney disease. Based on the test results, the anaesthetic can be modified to best suit the pet. 

Your veterinary team can perform a blood test within a few seconds. Your pet will be lightly restrained, and the hair clipped from where they will retrieve the blood. Your pet will experience very little discomfort during the procedure and the hair will grow back quickly. 

The blood is separated into vials where tests can be performed in-clinic or sent away to an external lab. Results are usually available within 30 minutes for in-clinic testing or within a few days if sent away to the lab.

 These blood tests check:

Kidney and liver function

Blood sugar levels

Protein levels





Blood clotting issue

 If you have any questions prior to your pet's surgery, please don't hesitate to ask.